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Sterkur (Icelandic for Robust or Strong) jackets are born out of necessity for outerwear that can withstand the harshest of environments and elements, whilst preserving the environment they need to perform in.

Tailored for a perfect fit and with all the functionality required by even the most demanding of outdoor enthusiasts. We have developed outdoor apparel that uses natural and sustainable fabrics instead of the industry standard plastic alternatives.


 Every aspect of our outdoor wear has been developed to enable our products to perform longer in the field and ensure you can stay outside longer.

Sterkur jackets are built to stand up to everything that is thrown at them, whilst being responsibly sourced and manufactured to ensure the wild places we all love remain that way.

We work with dedicated and passionate people throughout the supply chain to deliver uncompromising quality with the highest level of sustainability.

Leather is traceable and we are working to introduce plant based leathers that are produced with a carbon footprint 5% of that of traditional leathers but also use no chemicals in the tanning process.

Plastic shock cords have been replaced by natural alternatives that utilise the natural properties of rubber and cotton to provide a plastic free alternative to standard shock cord


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The future of Outdoor Wear

Using Traditional Methods to Solve Modern Issues

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We are all aware of the current impact plastics are having on our world.

But what might not be apparent is the largest source of plastic in our oceans is from the washing of plastic based clothing, which creates micro fibre plastics that infiltrate the entire ecosystem, That fibres from plastic textiles are so prevalent in the air we are all breathing them in as we go about our daily life.


All of our jackets are tailored using a densely woven 100% organic cotton fabric which was developed in the UK and are treated with a Bio based PFC free DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating

The unique properties of this material produce a jacket that is waterproof, windproof and breathable, that will keep you cool in humid conditions and warm in cold climates.

Being a natural fibre this product does away with plastic substitutes and instead exhibits excellent properties that have been proven in the most extreme of elements from polar and high altitude ascents through to the high seas.

We took an honest look at every aspect of our jackets and questioned every constituent part of our jacket to see if there was a more sustainable/ethical way to produce it.

Our pocket liners are made from organic fibres, plastic toggles have been eliminated where they can be done away with or replaced with aluminium alternatives, hook and loop fasteners have been replaced with high quality metal press studs, even our care labels have been looked at to reduce their impact.


  So, if you are looking for a jacket that excels in all weather conditions is durable, quiet and comfortable but has the highest environmental credentials then there is no need to look any further.


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