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Why did we decide to start Sterkur?

Born in the UK (and not as our name suggests Iceland)

A few like minded individuals, a love of the outdoors and a desire to develop exceptional outerwear that can withstand the harshest of elements while not destroying it.

Seeing that our planet is in trouble with multi-nationals placing profit above protection and an industry that is slow to respond we all wanted to step in and fight to save all those wonderful places.

The ethos at the heart of our company is to protect what we love, respect for everyone and look out for those who look out for us. 


 All of our materials are responsibly sourced and we are working with all of our suppliers to keep up with the latest ecologically sound developments to implement them into our products as soon as possible.

We use:

Densely Woven 100% Organic Cotton with a PFC Free DWR for all our shell material

Natural Shock-cord that is comprised of natural rubber and cotton

Velcro replaced with metal press studs

Plastic cord stops replaced with all metal alternatives

We have even ensured all the trims we use on our clothes are from ethical leather sources tanned without the use of chromium whilst we work to develop a non plastic non animal based alternative.

We want to reduce our dependency on plastic but where still have no alternative all the plastic has to be 100% recycled.

We are fully committed to implementing the best possible environmental standards and as such we follow the guidelines set down by the following bodies.

We manufacture our products in Europe to reduce travel miles and improve traceability.

We continue to explore methods of transport that reduce every items environment impact, offset our carbon emissions by actively supporting Gold Standard schemes and use packaging that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

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